Before she died, she sent the photo of the accused of raping and killing her via WhatsApp: her relatives murdered him in a lynching | Chronicle

An aberrant event occurred a few days ago in Colombia. A 16-year-old girl was violated y brutally murdered, after which his body was thrown into the river. The young woman she had managed to notify by WhatsApp to his family that someone was following her y He sent them a photo of the femicide.

the corpse of Karina Blanco Duran was found in the Cáchira river, with signs of having suffered sexual abuse. The girl’s relatives identified the rapist from the photo she had sent them, they found him and lynched him.

Carlos Martinezlocal police chief, said that the police managed to arrest the young woman’s abuser, but that a town of neighbors recaptured him and killed him. “The community attacked the police officers who were transferring him and caused fatal injuries to the detainee”described.

Martinez reported that the teenager Femicide-of-the-Argentine-businesswoman-in-Buzios-her-ex-husband-was-found-dead-in-a-hotel-with-a-shot-in-the-head-20220507-0014.html” target= “_blank”>died after being assaulted by a 37-year-old man of Venezuelan nationality.

Karina wanted to be a psychologist to give her mother a house.

The victim’s father Caesar White, said her daughter was a very mature and focused young woman who knew what she wanted. She pointed out that Karina had told some friends that a man had been chasing her for several days.

Karina wanted to be a psychologist to help her mother and to be able to give her a house. I was one year away from starting college.

Karina’s femicide

In the early hours of Tuesday, Karina noticed that a man was following her while she was walking around 5:30 in the morning in the district of La Vega, in Cáchira. From her cell phone, she sent a photo of the suspect, so the neighbors and relatives They quickly went out in search of the girl.

The 16-year-old girl had left home early to go to school. Like every day, Karina had to walk around 50 minutes along the path where there is a river and a lot of vegetation, to reach the main route, where she was waiting for the bus that would take her to school.

The mayor of the town, Javier Pabon, assured that the alleged abuser threw the girl’s remains into the river. Furthermore, he confirmed that harassed her and that finally he murdered her

The local police arrested the aggressor and while they were taking him to the police station, they were intercepted by a group of Karina’s relatives and neighbors who took the accused away. There they beat the young man, who He died from a fatal wound made by a relative of the young woman attacked.

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