Georgia was thrilled to be moving in with friends in the shared apartment they had found online. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm quickly subsided when she discovered the state of her room …

Upon entering the room, she discovers that it is full of disassembled furniture and that it is actually used as a storage room. Impossible for the student to leave her things there, so she was forced to put a mattress … in the kitchen, reports CambridgeshireLive.

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“I spent the whole day crying because they told me that I could either go and live somewhere else or stay here until they empty my room, but I don’t know when that will be,” she explains. young lady. “I don’t feel very safe because anyone could enter through the front door. “

His mum, Frances, said they had not received any warning about the condition of the room, although they were contacted to pay the deposit to UK Student Houses, which is renting the room. The house had not been cleaned before the arrival of his daughter. “We were told that no one had done home checks because they were understaffed,” she says. A spokesperson for UK Student Houses said the issue had since been resolved.


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