Before his death, Gradsky revealed the secret of the names of his children

The elder heirs of the singer delighted him with their successes in professions far from creativity, and the younger ones – with perseverance and curiosity.

The older children of Alexander Gradsky did not become musicians like him, but this never upset him. He believed that one should go into this profession only by vocation, completely belong to music and certainly be the best or one of the best in what he does. At the same time, Daniel and Maria studied at a music school and, according to Gradsky, are well versed in music, they sing decently.

As the edition writes Wday.ruHe even took Masha with him to the Golos as an advisor, since she knows modern music well and was an indispensable expert for him in the project. And outside the show and in life in general, the composer’s daughter helps her husband – in his construction business she is responsible for tax documents and finances. Daniel, on the other hand, graduated from the London School of Economics, but lives in Russia and cooperates with national sports teams – he gives advice on how to overcome the consequences of injuries, since at one time he himself got out of a difficult physiological state and read a lot of special literature on this topic.

But the son Sasha, who was only seven years old, delighted dad with his geographical knowledge, learning English, playing the piano and sports training. He is fond of many sports: swimming, playing football, hockey, Brazilian wrestling – capoeira and karate-do shotakan. And the fourth wife of Gradsky, Marina Kotashenko, is monitoring the fulfillment of his busy daily schedule. It was she who, in the main, and during her husband’s life, was engaged in the upbringing of their common heirs. But Alexander Borisovich preferred to give names to his sons personally.

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He named the eldest after seeing in a dream a poster for a classical concert with the name of Daniil Gradsky, but his son, as you know, never became a violinist. The youngest, who is currently only three years old, decided to call Ivan, because this name has many diminutive derivatives: Vanyusha, Vanechka … Marina at first did not like her husband’s decision, but then she got used to it and, as Alexander Borisovich assured, already and presents no other name for their son, who grows up to be very similar in character.



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