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Yeast, the secret of beer

“Poured in” immerses you in the world of beer – one of the oldest luxury goods known to man – and shows Austria’s beer culture in all its diversity. Beer comes in many colors and facets, even though it is brewed from only four basic ingredients.
Hops and malt, God keep it, – that’s the saying on everyone’s lips. But water and yeast also give the countless types of beer their typical taste. In addition, there is the craft of the brewers, who are always trying to compose new culinary experiences.

Yeast, the secret of beer: yeast is an essential component of beer – what role does it play in the respective beer style? There are different yeast strains – from light pils to dark stout, from bottom-fermented to top-fermented.

The yeast is still considered the “secret of the master brewer”, because almost all breweries breed their own yeast strains, often according to old traditions, and guard and care for “their” yeasts with great care.

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