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The Orange Women “do not have the right flow yet and they lack confidence and patterns”. That is the worrying conclusion of NOS football analyst Leonne Stentler, a week before the Netherlands’ first match at the European Football Championship against Sweden.

The Netherlands are defending champions, but seem to maneuver themselves into the underdog role for Saturday’s game against Sweden. That is remarkable, because the starting eleven is still almost the same as at the Olympic Games, where the Netherlands competed well against top country US.

Analyst Stentler still lacks ‘right flow’ at Orange women

According to Stentler, the players deliberately look for the underdog role: “I have seen for a long time that players are hesitant in interviews. They often use the word process.” It does not seem to be running completely under the new national coach Mark Parsons. “When they had to give him a grade a while back, he often got a six. Very typical.”

It is understandable that the Orange players do not label themselves as favorites, says Stentler. “It is rough. The new playing style is not always going as it should, the selection has been renewed. So it will be a race against time.” Stentler says other countries are clearly further along in their development.

The Women’s European Football Championship will be played in England from July 6 to July 31. All matches are broadcast live on TV and online by the NOS.


It is important that she can participate. “Miedema has broken so many records and is still so young. I do agree that she is the best striker in the world,” says Stentler.

Group win

Stentler therefore hopes that the top players can take the team in tow. She does think that the Netherlands will have time to grow in the tournament. Sweden is a strong opponent, who, like the Netherlands, goes for group victory. But the other countries in the group, Switzerland and Portugal, should not be a problem.

Swedish record international Caroline Seger looks ahead to the European Football Championship in England.

Swedish record international Seger looks ahead to European Championship group with Orange

Sweden was a finalist at the Tokyo Olympics and is therefore one of the strong countries. But the top favorite, supported by the home crowd, is England. That team is led by Sarina Wiegman, the previous national coach of the Netherlands.

“They are the home team and have a wide selection with a lot of class. And a national coach who knows how to do it,” says Stentler. However, the English team will have to deal with enormous pressure. The stadiums in England are sold out and expectations are high.

England will play the opening match of the European Championship against Austria on Wednesday.

Favorite England is led by Dutch coach Sarina Wiegman. She gives an insight into the home favorite.

Wiegman gives a tour of England: ‘Fully equipped’



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