Beckenbauer praises FC Bayern: “I’ve never seen them so well”

Updated on October 20, 2021, 4:29 pm

  • The “Kaiser” praises FC Bayern.
  • Franz Beckenbauer speaks of a “demonstration of the perfect football”.
  • Another ex-Munich resident, on the other hand, also criticizes the Bundesliga competition.

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Franz Beckenbauer has highly praised FC Bayern under coach Julian Nagelsmann. “The first half against Bayer Leverkusen was a demonstration of perfect football.

You can put them in any textbook. To play so precisely at the highest speed! I’ve never seen Bayern so well. And I am a strict critic, “said the Munich honorary president of” Bild “.

Beckenbauer: “Dortmund with Haaland …”

Whether the competition against the dominant German record champions can even hope for the championship after nine titles in a row? “Perhaps if points are deducted from Bayern because of too much superiority …” joked the “Kaiser”.

Beckenbauer added: “Seriously: Bayern will always be in the top group for the foreseeable future. But Dortmund with Erling Haaland can also play for the title. The season is far from over.”

Magath criticizes Bundesliga clubs

However, the former Munich and Wolfsburg master trainer Felix Magath also criticizes the rivals of the Munich team in Bild. “The other clubs don’t really attack Bavaria either.

Everyone seems to have settled in their role behind Bayern in the Bundesliga, “he said. Therefore:” Only if FC Bayern has internal problems do the others have a chance at the championship. “(Afp / msc)

Lucas Hernandez is not the first (ex) Bayern kicker or Munich club boss to have been convicted. The list is long (without claiming to be exhaustive).



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