Because you don't know what's going to happen: Gage & fortune: Barbara Schöneberger is so rich!

Tonight Barbara Schöneberger can be seen on “Because you don’t know what’s happening”.Barbara is known not only for her sense of humor but also for her voluptuous curves. Her television career began several decades ago, in 1998.

Following the Sat.1 format “Bube, Dame, Hörig” the buxom blonde was seen on the “Harald Schmidt Show”.

The moderator Harald Schmidt himself was so enthusiastic about the talent of the native of Munich that he was of the opinion that she absolutely had to get her own show. It has come to this a long time ago. The program “Blondes Gift” is still considered one of the greatest successes of the mother of two. The estimatedBarbara Schöneberger’s net worth is 4 million euros.

Incidentally, the actress and singer did not have her first experiences in front of the camera on TV. Already in the yearIn 1989 she appeared in a photo love story in the magazine “Girls”..

Even though Barbara began studying art history, communication science and sociology, she never graduated. After ten semesters she threw in the towel. However, today’s TV star was already seen on German TV during her studies.

Her loyal fans will know that Barbara Schöneberger now lives in Berlin with her family. she is with oneEntrepreneur named Maximilian von Schierstädt married. She recently adopted her husband’s name. However, she continues to work under her old surname Schöneberger, as this is public knowledge and many television viewers would probably not be able to do anything with her new surname at first.

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The magazine “Barbara” also shows how firmly the name Barbara Schöneberger is anchored in the minds of German consumers. It has been published continuously by Gruner + Jahr Verlagshaus since autumn 2015. The actress and comedian is a permanent member of the editorial team for this magazine.



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