Because walking is a fat-burning activity and gives physical and mental well-being, especially useful after binges

Laziness does not help, nor does Christmas binges, but thinking about getting back in shape after the holidays is a constant thought that does not leave many in peace. If the gym is closed or thinking of reaching it is too much during the holidays, we have a valid alternative: fitwalking. This is why walking is a fat-burning activity that gives physical and mental well-being, especially useful after binges.

Walking defeats laziness

Accustomed as we are to using the car or surface vehicles to get around, we have forgotten the taste and beauty of walking. It is useful for our health and brings us great psychophysical well-being to do this activity consistently. Walking is a sport in all respects, a few tricks are enough to do it at its best. It is preferable to practice in the midst of nature, in a park near your home, but also among the less traveled streets of the city if you have no alternatives.

Recent studies have shown that walking allows you to burn excess fat and lower blood sugar levels. Thanks to this activity we could also make a great contribution to the loss of fat deposited especially in the waistline.

Walking also connects us with the practical meaning of life and allows us to savor what is around us as well. We enjoy the walk twice if we are immersed in nature, but we can also allow ourselves to observe the details of a street or an avenue. In the frenzy of our days we can miss aspects of modernity that are often underestimated.

We can walk slowly and aimlessly, therefore, to disconnect from a momentary stress and regain possession of our mental spaces. By refreshing the soul we will also refresh the body.

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Because walking is a fat-burning activity and gives physical and mental well-being, especially useful after binges

We can walk at a constant pace by also combining simple exercises that can coordinate the whole body and lead us to a complete and appropriate movement of various legs and joints. Finally, we can walk at a brisk pace to overcome five thousand steps and aim to reach ten thousand. This amount of steps is in fact compared to running. Therefore, if this activity is followed consistently, at least three times a week to be clear, it is equivalent to a sport in all respects. The positive effects are immediate and long lasting.

Once back to work after the Christmas break we could continue walking during the lunch break and not forget about this good habit. In fact, taking care of yourself is an act of love that we should never stop practicing.

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