Because of the weather conditions … the spread of mosquitoes is bothering the Argentine capital

Residents of the Argentine capital, “Buenos Aires” are suffering from a large mosquito infestation, whose appearance was due to a number of circumstances, according to the media.

This insect, which disturbs the residents of the capital, is considered the most common type in the region, but this year the weather conditions have evolved so that their number has increased dramatically, according to a member of the Society of Entomology in Argentina, scientist Maria Victoria Messili.

Some factors contributed to their emergence dramatically and suddenly, including a long dry period, followed by heavy rains, which led to the spread of these insects extensively.

These mosquitoes do not transmit dangerous diseases, but their bites can cause painful allergic reactions.

On the other hand, the new Argentine Health Minister, Carla Vitzotti, assumed her duties yesterday, Saturday, after the resignation of her predecessor, who was caught helping friends bypass the vaccination program against Corona.

Fitzotti, a specialist in internal medicine, was sworn in before President Alberto Fernandez at the presidential residence in a short televised ceremony. She did not issue any statement after that and did not respond to questions from journalists.

Vetsotti was responsible for securing the Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine to Argentina in her capacity as deputy health minister.

Former Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcí resigned late on Friday, after it emerged that the 75-year-old doctor had helped friends get vaccinated before their turn.

The scandal was revealed after the journalist Horacio Verbitzky, 71, announced to the radio that thanks to his long friendship with the Minister of Health, he was able to get a vaccine in his office before the rest of the population.

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So far, only health workers in Argentina have been vaccinated, and the vaccination of people over the age of 70 began last Wednesday in the province of Buenos Aires.

Local media reported that other people close to the government were vaccinated at the Ministry of Health, while local newspapers confirmed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had opened an investigation.

Argentina, which has a population of 44 million, has so far received 1.2 million doses of the “Sputnik V” vaccine and 580 thousand doses of the “Coffeeshild” vaccine from the “Serum Institute” in India, and the country has recorded more than two million cases of Covid-19 and 51 thousand deaths .