Because of the coronavirus and the flu season: GPs are arming themselves from the onslaught

Patients with flu symptoms should not enter the practice without a prior call.

© Volker Nies

The number of corona infections is rising, and now the cold and flu season is beginning: East Hesse’s family doctors have a lot of work to do before the onslaught.

Fulda – The family doctors in East Hesse have a little more to do in the coronavirus pandemic than in the previous year * – which is also due to the fact that significantly more people are against Influenza vaccinate. The vaccination is particularly recommended for people over 60, pregnant women, the chronically ill and those employed in health professions. “More people now come to the vaccination than in previous years because health awareness has grown. The East Hessian doctors therefore have significantly more Flu vaccine ordered “, explained Family doctor Ralph Hönscher out FuldaPetersberg.

There are also special ones for vaccination Office hoursto separate patient flows. Hönscher sends a clear signal: If you plan even more precisely and get everyone involved to the Hygiene rules hold is this one Rush to manage something. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network