Because of Corona, a coughing fit suffocated a Tunisian broadcaster on the air

The Tunisian broadcaster, Dalal Al Qasimi, appeared in a fit of coughing, while presenting the news bulletin in Tunisia.

According to local Tunisian sources, Al-Qasimi justified the case in which she appeared, as “remnants” of the Corona virus disease, from which she recently recovered.

Al-Qasimi said that she “still suffers from coughing and sneezing, even after recovering from infection with corona, which appeared on her during her first working day after recovery.”

Commenting on the incident, Al Qasimi said: “It is stronger than me, God is the Greatest. I have not completely relaxed from the effects of Corona, and I suffer from a cough that returns to me from time to time.”

And she added that while reading the news, she could not breathe, but she insisted on continuing, until she fell ill.

In a statement to Radio Mosaique, she added that she remembered her children and family, saying: “I did not want my family to fear me while they watched the newsletter. Praise be to God anyway.”


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