Beatriz stated that, despite having helped compose the song, many had not mentioned her as part of the team, and some had even referred to her only as “Yotuel’s wife.” (Beatriz Luengo-Instagram)

The Spanish singer and songwriter, Beatriz Luengo, responded to criticism and lack of recognition for her work in creating “Patria y Vida”.

Luengo complained of being omitted from the credits and congratulations provided by international media after the victory of the musical success in two categories of the Latin Grammy 2021: Best Urban Song and Song of the Year.

In a Facebook post, the actress also thanked the Spanish newspaper The country for mentioning it in his publication on the triumph of “Patria y Vida”, adding a screenshot of the news on the social networks of the medium.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The recognition of my work excites me because my fight has always been against the current and I have fought tooth and nail every step ”, expressed Luengo.

Beatriz affirmed that, despite having helped compose the song, many had not mentioned her as part of the creative team, and some had even referred to her only as “Yotuel’s wife”, without giving her any more merit.

“Two composers and humble musicians prevail in a difficult industry and without the support of playlists, radios or traditional mechanisms, they manage to win the most important award in the industry, which is also the COMPOSER award and sadly I have to see how the media forget to name me or worse. some say ‘Yotuel won a Grammy and his wife went up to pick him up,’ “he added.

Luengo assured that she would not pick up an award that is not hers, and that, if she went on to receive the Grammy for Patria y Vida for best urban song, it was because she contributed to that success.

“I have not been so struggling to collect awards that are not mine. I picked up that award because I won it with my chords, melodies and lyrics after 11 nominations throughout my career and 1 Grammy that I already have, “he said.

Beatriz Luengo mentioned her book “The Awakening of the Muses”, where she addresses the issue of machismo and how women have been deprived of recognition for their scientific, artistic, and even political achievements throughout history.

“At the beginning of the last century Mileva Maric and Einstein worked as a team great discoveries for humanity and when the Nobel Prize in physics arrived in 1921 they forgot to name it. That is written in my book ‘The Awakening of the Muses’. In the year 2021, that is, 100 years later, and far from comparing myself to these two geniuses who were they, (…) I have to see how the media forget to name me ”, explained the singer-songwriter.

Beatriz Luengo ended by thanking those who had recognized their participation in the project, and expressing that she will continue working so that eventually machismo in the environment decreases.

“Thanks to ALL the media that have given me my place and to those that I do not tell them not to ask me why we have to fight against machismo today, because it is evident. Mileva did not have social networks, thank God I did ”, he concluded.

Luengo was recently involved in a controversy with the writer Carlos Manuel Álvarez, who insulted her for the speech he gave when he received the Best Urban Song award at the Latin Grammys on November 18.

The also actress explained the reason for his speech, but received more attacks from the writer. Although Yotuel finally spoke with him and they settled their differences, Luengo has not commented on that talk.

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