Beatrice Egli: “Too chubby” – Schlager colleague shoots against the singer

GG Anderson: “I was too chubby at the time”

The 72-year-old revealed that Beatrice Egli always attended his concerts with her mother: “Even as a child, she came to all my concerts with her mother. (…) No matter where I performed, Beatrice was there.”, the musician recalls. When the 33-year-old wanted to gain a foothold in the music industry herself, her mom GG Anderson even said “bekniet” to have, to write a song for her daughter but he refused – and for a blatant reason:

I never did it because Beatrice was too chubby for me at the time. And I thought her voice was, shall we say, normal.

Blatant words that Beatrice Egli would not like to hear. In the past, the pop singer has often spoken about the fact that her figure has always been an issue. Ex-DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen is said to have suggested a diet to her at the time. An absolute no-go, because after all, no one should be allowed to judge someone else’s figure.

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