Beatrice Egli in a relationship? Now she breaks her silence

There is hardly a relationship status that is questioned as often as that of Beatrice Egli. Only recently did she fuel the rumor mill with a kiss campaign on her “Beatrice Egli Show”. On Instagram, she surprisingly gave a relationship status update!

Clarity on Instagram

Beatrice Egli is currently incredibly successful. But what does love actually look like? With her last Instagram post, Beatrice Egli now gives some clarity for the first time. Under her photo, the Swiss writes: “Relationship status: self-love”. Sounds like Beatrice Egli is still single. Unfortunately, when asked by, the management did not want to comment further. Is the rumor of love with Andreas Gabalier finally off the table?

Beatrice Egli: Kiss for Andreas Gabalier

Just recently, an action by Egli caused the rumor mill to bubble. In the first edition of her “Beatrice Egli Show” Beatrice Egli was able to welcome some celebrities. Especially with one singer the joy was almost infinite: Andreas Gabalier. The singer even postponed an appointment for his performance. Apparently, Beatrice was so happy that she literally hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. An action that caused a stir. The question immediately arose: Are the two a couple? But apparently there is currently no one on the side of the singer. And judging by her post, she’s happy with it too.

Beatrice Egli: Dr. summer confession



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