The president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), José Ignacio Paliza, said that drug trafficking and money laundering structures such as the one dismantled by the DEA and the Public Ministry through Operation Falcon, gained strength during the “past” government administrations, without mention any specific party or ex-president.

“In the case, for example, of Operation Falcón, ask yourself in which government, from which party, these structures gained strength and ask yourself in which government and from which party, they were defeated, the PRM and your government have had the rectitude to defeat the forms of the past and the forms of always, “added Paliza.

These statements are made despite the fact that among the main involved and arrested are party members and an official, the suspended director of Comunidad Digna, Juan Maldonado Castro.

The also Administrative Minister of the Presidency added that the Government of Luis Abinader has demonstrated the end of “impunity”, even if they are still members of the PRM.

“This country has changed …, every citizen who commits an offense or has questions has to face justice, even if they are members of the ruling party, in this country there is no going back …”, added Paliza.

The former senator for Puerto Plata avoided responding to the media about what kind of sanctions the members of the PRM involved in the case will have or whether they will be expelled.

He also avoided referring to whether in the new electoral reform more filters will be proposed to avoid the inclusion of people linked to drug trafficking in the Dominican political system.

The electoral reform was included among the topics to be discussed in the National Dialogue coordinated by the Economic and Social Council (CES), whose second meeting will be held next Wednesday morning.


For the case, coercion measures will be known to María Olimpia Tavares Rodríguez, Juan Maldonado Castro, Víctor Elpidio Altagracia Paulino Herrera, Luis Daniel Nieves Batista, Adolfo Antonio Torres Sanabia, Julio César Jiménez Talavera, Juan Bautista Carpio Reynoso, José Alejandro de la Cruz Morales.

Also to Raúl Antonio Castro Mota, Yana Iris Maldonado Castro, Angélica María Maldonado Castro, Lenin Bladimir Torres Bueno, Marisol López Ceballos, Delfina Asunción Polanco, Ana Margarita Collado Marte, Erich Fernando Meléndez Gómez, José Miguel Castillo Taveras, Elva Teresa Polanco, Juan Carlos Durán Rogríguez, Javier Antonio Tavares Rodríguez and Felipe Espino Germán.


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