Bear “Amarena” killed in Abruzzo: shooter receives daily death threats

Bear “Amarena” killed in Abruzzo: shooter receives daily death threats

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man under police protection

The bear often walked through the village with her cubs and was hardly afraid of people.

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After the violent death of the bear in Abruzzo, the shooter was apparently attacked and even received death threats.

San Benedetto dei Marsi – After a 56-year-old Italian fatally shot problem bear “Amarena” because she invaded his property, the man from San Benedetto dei Marsi in Abruzzo says he receives death threats every day. He has now been placed under police protection.

Sea South Tyrol Online the man admits to the media that he made a mistake. He himself alerted the Carabinieri: “I haven’t slept or eaten for three days. I have no more life. I keep getting death threats by phone or text, they even called my 85-year-old mother, my whole family is being pilloried.”

“Amarena” had walked through villages several times in the past, also with her offspring. The bear was found dead with gunshot wounds on Thursday. The shooter has stated that he shot her out of fear but did not want to kill the animal.

A search is currently underway for the cubs of the brown bear who fled after the death of their mother. The bear cubs are not yet viable on their own. The search is not easy, but traces of the animals have already been spotted. Attempts are currently being made to attract the young animals with food. (

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📽️ Videos | Shock at death of bear Amarena – Concern for her cubs

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