A healthy lifestyle is not fighting with an active brain; during the current period of confinement the priority for many has been to exercise and lose weight, however our brain also requires exercise to stay healthy.

Over the years people tend to lose some faculties and the memory begins to be affected; as well as the ability to concentrate and Attention. However, these effects of age can be reversed; the neuroscience has shown that everyone can do a cognitive training with the aim of keeping gray matter young.

According to an article published in El País Semanal, experts in neuroscience unveiled a number of exercises for to train our brain and recover their mental energy, in addition to reinforcing our cognitive habilyties. Training consists of developing healthy brain areas that are not active.

The calls neurons Netflix They are comfortably seated on their sofa and have no need to move, reveals a scientist. Here begins the challenge. These simple activities, which do not require more than 10 minutes a day, work for that purpose. Here are some of them:

read in loud voice

It is recommended read aloud at least once a week, since by practicing this activity we open new neural pathways.

Read at least once a week. PHOTO: Pixabay

Do something new every day

Get active and do new activities, even if they are small occupations, modify your daily routine and give a different twist to your performance habitual.

Play with the smells

Experiment with smells, put new scents in containers, and use childhood soap or an old perfume. When you’re ready cover your eyes and experiment with your smell. So you will activate the senses less developed and you will also open new neural connections.

Listen to 8D music

You can find it on the internet and it is recommended to listen to it with your eyes closed; pay attention to rhythm, to sounds, voice and instruments. This kind of surround music active he brain.

Hand day

At least once a week do all your activities using the hand that you don’t use every day. This exercise It facilitates a crossing of the cerebral hemispheres and increases the cognitive reserve.

Practice a sport

Physical activity relaxes the mind. PHOTO: Pixabay

Sport not only helps activate our brain, it also helps us develop new neurons; also the mind relaxes and creates a perfect space for the learning.

Create shapes

Create different shapes with modeling clay or some material that allows it to be molded; by connecting your eyes with activities made with the hands different crosses brain areas, This represents one of the keys to cognitive training.

Attention challenges

The game helps train attention. PHOTO: Pixabay

Makes activities where you have to find the differences between two images or find one that is hidden. Exercise helps train the Attention.

Finally, to train our brain creation required habits new, in order to develop all our cognitive potential.

By Digital Writing El Heraldo de México