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BC. teacher union rejects mediator's settlement recommendations

BC bargaining with teachers and their employers came up against another hurdle after the union rejected the mediator's settlement recommendations.

Mediator David Schaub presented his report to both parties last week. made public on friday.

BC. Teri Mooring, president of the Teachers' Federation, told CBC / Radio-Canada that her recommendations were not in line with what her members could accept. She said the report did not properly address teacher salaries or student learning conditions.

"It did not deal with class size inequalities or class composition, so these are some of the areas we will have to see to get an agreement," she said.

Mooring said that an increase in wages corresponding to inflation was necessary. She added that it was too early to talk about action at work and that the BCTF is proposing dates to continue mediation.

FECB and BC The Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) has been engaged in contract negotiations since the expiry of the last collective agreement at the end of June.

BCPSEA Board Chair Alan Chell said he was disappointed that teachers rejected the mediator's recommendations.

"In our opinion, it's a missed opportunity to work with the mediator to create a path to move forward," Chell said in a press release.

"We are concerned that the BCTF continues to take an approach that does not lead to a freely negotiated collective agreement."

According to BCPSEA, there have been 69 negotiation and mediation sessions to date.


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