BBC, Twitch or Reddit – websites not available worldwide

BBC, New York Times, Twitch or Reddit – numerous predominantly English-language websites were unavailable for many users on Tuesday. The reason for this was probably a problem with one provider.

Numerous websites around the world were unavailable for around an hour on Tuesday because of the malfunction at a web service provider. Affected were, among others, the website of the British government as well as the news portals of the “Guardian”, the “New York Times”, the “Financial Times”, the French newspaper “Le Monde” and the US tech website “The Verge”.

Whoever called up the site received the error message “Error 503 Service Unavailable” on Tuesday lunchtime. The streaming site or the social news aggregator Reddit were also partially unavailable.

According to the Down Detector malfunction portal, other users report problems with many other sites: including Amazon, Hulu, Pinterest, Github or Spotify.

Why the pages failed

The British “Guardian” wrote on Twitter that its website was “affected by a major Internet failure”, but will be available again as soon as possible. A tech reporter from the Guardian also started a thread on the topic on Twitter, in which he explained the problems.

The reason for the failure was probably with the provider Fastly. Fastly is a US provider for cloud computing services that caches Internet pages so that they can be accessed more quickly. On its website, the company stated that it encountered problems with its service shortly before 12 noon Central European Time.

At about 12.44 p.m. German time, a bug fix is ​​said to have been initiated. About a quarter of an hour later, it said, “The problem has been identified and a solution has been applied. Customers may experience increased original load when global services return.” When asked by t-online, a member of the press team said: “We have identified a service configuration that is causing malfunctions in our POPs (points of presence, Anm. d. Red.) worldwide and have deactivated this configuration. Our global network is back online. “

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