B&B Full of Love-Jos has sad news for Natasja

Sad news from France. Jos has chosen to pack his bags and leave with Natasja. Although she started to like him more and more, he chose to put an end to his B&B Full of Love adventure. The feelings remained with Jos and that was reason enough for him to leave Natasja’s B&B.

Nicer than nice

Earlier in the episode Natasja indicates that she likes Jos. “I would like Jos to clarify whether he likes me more than I do. He likes me, I know that. But I don’t know if he likes me that way.” However, she does not dare to ask that question. “Do you know how exciting it is to ask that? I don’t dare. I dare, but I don’t know that very well. Come on. At the moment it could be that I like Jos a bit more than I like. Anyway, I find him challenging enough to get to know him a little better. I’m definitely not going to send him home just yet. So I hope he doesn’t go himself, but I do have that feeling a little bit.”

Right feeling

That feeling turns out to be justified, because Jos expresses his doubts when he walks the dog. “I have a great time with Natasha. We do a lot of fun things, but that masks the one-on-one moments that are too few. If they are there, then I don’t feel butterflies. I thought beforehand: I am going on this adventure to get to know myself and to get to know Natasha. I’m not just saying it won’t be him, but I’ve thought it through carefully.”

“You are here for a few days and then you start seeing and noticing things about each other. There are a few little things that make me realize it’s not my type. And that, added to the fact that I don’t feel any physical attraction, I have come to the conclusion to go home to my children. I’ve definitely given it a chance, love, but it’s just not in it for me with Natasha.

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Jos takes Natasja aside to share the bad news. “I have never regretted giving up and being here. Fantastic B&B, I think you are a really wonderful woman, pleasant woman, hostess, fantastic. But love does not arise and you may know that yourself. Normally you flirt or something happens. You have the idea of ​​”I want to kiss you” or you with me, but we haven’t had that yet.” Natasha could already feel the downpour. “I’m not a hotel debotel either, but I would have liked to give it a little longer. What isn’t there, isn’t there.” When the two break the news to Menno, he has to shed a tear. For Natasha, the search for love continues.

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