Bayern coach Nagelsmann talks about the relationship with a reporter

Are there problems with the club?

Nagelsmann talks about the relationship with the “Bild” reporter

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) is in a relationship with journalist Lena Wurzenberger (30). He is not afraid that the relationship will result in conflicts of interest.

The new dream couple in German football: Julian Nagelsmann (35) and Lena Wurzenberger (30). He is the coach of FC Bayern Munich, she is a sports reporter for “Bild”. Can this go well? Isn’t there a risk that he’ll spill internals to her?

No, says Nagelsmann of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine”: “In what interest should I tell something? I would be the first to be released.” However, he understands that “such an accusation can come”. A “picture” revelation last year gave rise to such a question.



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