For Thierry Baudet, Forum is a livelihood, writes Sander Schimmelpenninck in his Volkskrant column. “Baudet has never made a secret of the fact that he entered politics because he was in need of money. As a conspiracy entrepreneur, things are going well.”

He made a bestseller of a book of his own via Forum and earned 87 grand for it, in addition to the tens of millions he earns as a member of parliament. And he is not bothered by the control of party members, after all the purges. “For example, Baudet can safely have his girlfriend send an invoice of 19,000 euros for ‘photography’; no party member will say anything about it.”

“The increasingly extreme expressions of FvD members are good for attention and polarization, and therefore for the business. The fiercer the citizen, the easier it is to upsell. In addition, extremism is an effective means of providing ‘decent right-wing’ gentlemen with financial keep knowledge out of the party.

The attic members of Forum will mean little of their war rhetoric, as pampered millennials they mainly want earthly things such as houses and cars.”

Bron (nen): Volkskrant
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