Battlefield 6 is said to be called “2042”

Battlefield 4 was played in the present and Battlefield 2042 was in the near future. – (C) DICE / EA

Are already all the interesting information about Battlefield 6 found on the internet? A Mega leak to the next battlefield is found on Reddit, but this time not from the “Standard Insider” Tom Henderson. This time a “random guy” is called who does it on a Discord Server has dropped. So it will be the next game in the shooter series Battlefield 2042 hot and exactly 100 years after the original Battlefield (1942) and 100 years ago Battlefield 2142 from 2006 should be positioned.

To be too good to be true? The great unveiling of the next battlefield will take place in a few days, on June 9, 2021, but the waves are going with this mega-leak on Reddit (and on many forums) high.

A few hours ago the “HeroTK” account published a massive number of details that require a lot of imagination – if you want to think of everything. However, you can find this information partly on 4chan, a rather unreliable source.

The post also includes many other alleged details about the game, and the name Battlefield 2042. Accordingly, there will be 64v64 matches on “the greatest maps in Battlefield history,” the return of Levolution, and tornado and twister weather events that occur during the matches. So also many things that we already know. At least as a rumor DICE or SHE have not yet confirmed any of this.

The alleged logo on 4chan for Battlefield 2042. (Image integrated via Embed)

Battlefield 2042: A Little More PUBG

It is claimed, that Battlefield 2042 will include a new “Pro” mechanic that will allow groups of players to have a specialist per class with unique devices and skills, such as a medic who can fire a healing arrow. Squads will also be able to call vehicles like ATVs, and players can hold different attachments at the same time and swap them if necessary, so you can remove your red dot sight and replace it with a telescopic sight, just like in various other shooters. The handles should also be interchangeable, as should the magazine sizes.

Apparently you can change your weapon however you want in Battlefield 2042.  - (C) DICE / EA

Apparently you can change your weapon however you want in Battlefield 2042. – (C) DICE / EA

Sounds a bit like you’ve figured out mechanics PUBG copied and with Battlefront 2 crossed. And the best thing about that Leak on Reddit/4chan: The Beta should start in June. At least a private test session for large content creators and streamers is planned for June 15, 2021. A open alpha / beta should shortly afterwards all player start, even before the announced EA Play Live in July.

That would really be “too good to be true”.

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Powerful maps

Die Maps in Battlefield 2042 will be significantly larger than in previous titles in the series: Teams can permanently conquer “sectors” – which themselves are the size of a Battlefield 3 map. Allegedly there is even a map in Antarctica called “Shelf”.

To capture a sector, players must capture the points in it. Each sector can range from 3 to 4 points. Once you have captured a SECTOR, it cannot be withdrawn. Sounds like a mode from Battlefront 2 again.

Finally, it is claimed that the new Battlefield will have wingsuits, grappling hooks (similar to Dying Light), and the ability to zip lines (as in Call of Duty Modern Warfare) to get your squad to the top of the cliff quickly.

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No cross-gene for the release?

The next Battlefield appears next to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S also for PS4 and Xbox One. Even so, “HeroTK” claims on Reddit that Cross-gen play not supported when launching Battlefield 2042 becomes. Apparently the “Old-Gen” shouldn’t be able to handle it.

The leaker goes even further and claims that there are still two trailers that have not yet been leaked and are ready to go.

! Of course, you should include all of this information with the necessary amount of “speculation”. The sources aren’t exactly the most trustworthy on the internet.

Battlefield (6) is at DICE / EA in development and should appear in the 4th quarter of 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. If you want to play Battlefield 4 for free on your PC, you can now use Amazon Prime Gaming.

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