Hazard Zone will join other game modes such as multiplayer or Portal, the mode editor.

There is little more than a month left to experience the new war experience of DICE. Therefore, Battlefield 2042 already begins to show all its cards, something that we have seen with its already finished open beta and details of your progress. However, there was something else to teach: Hazard Zone. A new game mode that we can learn more about in just a few days.

Hazard Zone will be shown on video on October 14DICE is once again encouraging its players with a short trailer in which, without giving information about the new game mode, it puts the October 14th as the date chosen to let us know more title news. So we can now prepare to receive Hazard Zone, which will join other game modes such as Portal, which will allow us to experience the most crazy battles, or the classic multiplayer.

Hence, Hazard Zone is coming down. A mode that, although it has not yet shown any information, we are sure that it will expand even more the possibilities of the war game. The video to learn about the new game mode can be seen through the official DICE account on YouTube, so stay tuned for news of the next Battlefield 2042, which will be released on November 19th.

This will be in addition to all the news that we know about Battlefield 2042 and that, together, makes us want more to be able to live the DICE experience on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. At the moment, all players have been able to test a brushstroke of the game with its open beta, of which the developer assures that it is not the final version of the title. However, they have also come out somewhat negative data About delivery, such as its anti-hacking measures haven’t stopped the most imaginative cheaters or its developers don’t want to interact with the community because of toxicity. For now, let’s welcome Hazard Zone with open arms and see how can you improve the battles de Battlefield 2042.

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