Battlefield 2042 has just finished its weekend open beta during which the community has been contributing their opinions on the state of the game and the performance of their games online. Being a preliminary version, which is in fact several months old, it is logical to find bugs and failures of which Electronic Arts and DICE take notes to correct before the launch of the game on November 19.

However, not everyone reports these errors in the same way. It is well known that there are people more effusive than others when criticizing certain aspects of video games, something that DICE does not take too well. At least that is what is extracted from the words of a producer of the company who has commented on Reddit the reason why the developers of Battlefield 2042 barely interact with the community: the toxicity this.

“Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more developers interacting with players?”

“It is the first day of the beta and we are already talking about that there are people who should lose their jobs, have you ever wondered why there are not more developers interacting with players?”, Explains F8RGE, Reddit user verified as producer of DICE . “There is a valid way to give feedbackI don’t think anyone on the team is against receiving it when it is done constructively. But the amount of personal attacks that I have seen in just a few hours since it was launched is disappointing“.

The original comment, which has already been deleted, appeared in response to a video criticizing the appearance of the interface of Battlefield 2042. The company’s producer also wanted to put forward the professionalism of those responsible for this section of the game: “All the people who contribute to our user interface are fantastic and talented developers.”, he ended up saying. In addition, the F8RGE itself has confirmed that they are working on improving the criticized details of the menus.

On Vandal we have been able to test the beta of Battlefield 2042 and we tell you what we found in our impressions.


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