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Hi, a Battlefield veteran here. 20 years of experience dating back to the first Battlefield 1942 (more on that in a moment).

I am amused to read your discussion with Smeagol. As for your statement that this solution of bots introduced by EA DICE is necessary for the long term of the game, you are completely wrong. A few points:

– In an open world shooter game like Battlefield or also the Battle Royale genre, Bots are always much worse than human players. This has to do with the fact that there are no standard walking routes, no standard places to peak, etc. The possibilities are endless and where a player is constantly reacting and improvising on his environment, a bot can never do that well. That’s why bots in these games almost always run like blind chickens. So yes, playing with or against bots can logically be super annoying.

– You don’t need bots for full servers. The direct result of a drying playerbase is usually that it becomes more concentrated to fewer servers at the same time. This means that you will not notice much in the game itself because the servers are full, but there are only fewer full servers. The bots mean nothing in this for playability.

– To keep the game alive in the long run you need something much more important than Bots: a server browser and private dedicated servers from the community with active admins. This allows players to find the remaining servers, and the gameplay on those servers remains good.

-Unfortunately I read that BF2042 doesn’t even get a server browser and no private servers either. This will have a huge impact on the shortened lifespan of the game, much more than bots. Then why are they doing it? It’s clear that EA DICE wants control over the multiplayer. I suspect because of planned obsolecense, then they can pull the plug when one has to buy the next Battlefield.

At the bottom of the line it To keep a game alive in the long run, 1 community server is enough for you. Have a look here: https://www.gametracker.c…

72 players every day, and that for a Battlefield game that is 20 years old, where the community has had to fix the server browser with a fan patch because Gamespy has been off the air for years. I still play it every week. And that without bots.

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