Battlefield 2042 has been sunk by gamers’ criticism. Of the more than 40,000 reviews published so far on Steam, over 30,000 have the flavor of a rejection without appeal. “I’ve been a long time fan of the series, but this one it is an insult to the community, is an alpha that costs from 60 euros upwards. And I guarantee you that it hurts me to write such a thing “, writes an enthusiast.

“I’ve played every Battlefield PC game since the original BF1942 and I can confidently say this one is the absolute worst in the series to date. The problems are endless, “added another player. The patch released before launch did not fix all the bugs that emerged during the beta tests, but two more updates should arrive in the next month or so.

In addition to multiple server-related problems and the absence of the campaign, there are those who complain about it scarcity of weapons and their lack of balance, others criticize the paucity of the modalities and the absence of classes. “When you take a series like Battlefield e literally everything wrong. Sound, size and design of maps, weapons, vehicles, controls, alpha testing, hasty development, incorrect budget distribution. Literally a punch in the face to fans of the series. Obviously sold at full price, “writes one player.

However, not everyone was disappointed. “Compared to the last few titles in the series that had me quite disappointed, this Battlefield has given me very good impressions, especially in terms of gameplay, both when playing the new maps and those updated by Bad Company 2. Some bugs remain to be corrected but I am hopeful, since already compared to the Open Beta the situation has improved drastically. Instead, there are some things that I hope will be added as soon as possible, such as the ranking of the game, voice chat … graphically it is impeccable, I hope the optimization will be improved especially on the CPU side “.

Another player asks for time: “As all BF fans know, DICE is not new to this kind of beginning; I don’t remember a single Battlefield that was wonderful when released, maybe just BF1. This game is, in many ways, similar to BF4 and let’s face it, it took a full 6 months for that game to become acceptable. After waiting a long time, the game has not only become acceptable, but even an authentic masterpiece, so much so that even now many play it “.

Finally, one concludes clearly: “I think the flaw in Battlefield 2042 is the community itself. This is not COD, this is Battlefield. Put it in your gourd. “


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