Battle of Puebla in Peñón de los Baños: 'Intangible cultural heritage of the CDMX'

Battle of Puebla in Peñón de los Baños: 'Intangible cultural heritage of the CDMX'

The ‘Representation of the battle of May 5, 1862’ that has been carried out for more than 90 years in the Peñón de los Baños, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.

It was declared by the Government of Claudia Shienbaum as ‘Intangible cultural heritage of Mexico City‘, for being one of the most significant traditions of the country’s capital, which ‘is part of the cultural identity of its inhabitants, as well as being a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation’.

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The decree was published this Thursday, May 4, one day before the already held in the Peñón de los Baños traditional scenic recreation of the heroic deed carried out in the City of Puebla, by General Ignacio Zaragoza, against the French troops.

‘The Battle of May 5, 1862 in the city of Puebla constitutes a milestone in national history for being one of the events historical most important in the defense of our national sovereignty and which forms a fundamental part of the memory collective and national identity’, is specified in the Decree, which enters into force one day after its publication.

In this regard, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, stressed that this is how she fulfills her promise made a year ago to the inhabitants of the area, who participate year after year in scenic recreation, divided into four moments: civic ceremony, parade, staging of the Treaties of Soledad and representation of the defense of the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.

‘Coming out today in the Gazette was something that I compromised a year ago with them, which was that this festivity that takes place in the Peñón de los Baños, was a Cultural Heritage of Mexico City,’ emphasized Sheinbaum Pardo, at a press conference.

The Secretary of Culture of Mexico City, Claudia Curiel de Icaza, highlighted that it is the first decree of Intangible Cultural Heritage approved by the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

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He explained that during the last eight months job with the authorities of the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office and with the community, “to gather the information and integrate the file” that was delivered to the Inter-institutional Commission for Cultural Heritage of Mexico City, which, also through the Social Advisory Council and autonomous bodies, was in charge of issuing the corresponding opinion.

‘Documentary collections, clothing and accessories of the time, as well as traditional music were gathered. The Battle of Puebla is astaging that comes to life, thanks to this community organization,’ concluded the CDMX Culture Secretary.


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