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Baskets of fresh, seasonal vegetables sold on Amazon

Producer and member of the Sica of Saint-Pol-de-Leon, Jean-Charles sells his baskets of vegetables on Amazon. – Sica of Saint-Pol-de-Leon

  • Baskets of fresh vegetables are sold recently on Amazon.
  • It is the Sica of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, important Breton vegetable cooperative, which took the initiative to launch at the giant of the on-line trade.

She already offered chocolates, spices, foie gras and a whole bunch of French terroir products. For a few weeks now, there are now baskets of fresh vegetables that are offered on the "Giants' Shop" of the giant Amazon.

The initiative goes to the Sica (agricultural collective interest society) of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, the first French vegetable cooperative bringing together 850 producers from Finistère Nord. "Many producers were asking us to launch our own site
e-commerce, but it seemed complicated to put in place, "says Marc Kerangueven, president of Sica.

Baskets delivered in 48 hours everywhere in France

In the spring, after a meeting with Frederic Duval, General Manager of Amazon France, the vegetable producer in Lannilis finally sniffs the "opportunity" to enter the Amazon marketplace. In September, eight baskets of vegetables sold under the Prince de Bretagne brand appeared on the "Producers' Boutique". Seven new baskets of the autumn range took over at the beginning of the month.

"We highlight the seasonality of products and also the local origin that is sought by customers," says Marc Kerangueven. Once the order has been placed, Sica is committed to delivering the baskets of freshly harvested Breton vegetables in 48 hours throughout France, with the exception of Corsica. "It's a hell of a logistical challenge," he says. In September, we even had to put ice bread in the baskets to keep the vegetables fresh.

No logistics for Amazon

This is the specificity of fresh products, for which Amazon does not deal with logistics. "For a subscription, we offer our producers know-how in marketing and customer service," said Patrick Labarre, director of the marketplace of Amazon France.

Launched just one year ago, the "Producers' Boutique" already has more than 6,000 references. "The goal is to have the widest possible offer for the customer and to give visibility to producers," he continues. And given the number of visitors, it's a safe bet that Sica will soon be alone to sell fresh vegetables on Amazon.


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