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The Bundesliga basketball players are by no means as enthusiastic about the possible continuation of the season as the clubs suggest: the frustration among the professionals is growing that the league does not speak to them.

Before the big politicians decided on Wednesday to restart the Bundesliga operations of the footballers, the small club “Athleten Deutschland” quickly sent a position paper on “Resuming competition operations in times of the corona pandemic”. The advocacy group for local athletes, founded in 2017, calls, among other things, for the affected athletes to have a say in the corresponding concepts. What sounds like a matter of course is obviously an urgently needed warning, as Johannes Herber suggests, the managing director of “Athleten Deutschland”.

The 37-year-old was once a basketball professional, even a national player, and he still has good contacts with his former colleagues. According to the will of the officials announced on Monday, they will resume the season that was interrupted in March – provided the authorities approve the hygiene and safety concept presented on Thursday. If they do this by May 18, the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) wants to determine a German champion 2020 in a tournament form with ten teams in June in Munich; The professionals have to complete ten games within three weeks. “The basketball players are already ready to play, but they want to be informed,” says Herber cautiously: “There are many questions that are open to the players.”

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If you have heard club representatives in the past few days, everyone has assured that their players can hardly wait to play again. If you asked players, it was certainly not the case.

“I am very critical of this,” said Niels Giffey, the captain of cup winner Alba Berlin, the SZ. “I’m also torn,” said Danilo Barthel, the captain of the German champions Bayern Munich, in the podcast by the TV rights holder Magentasport. Frankfurt international Akeem Vargas said in an interview FAZ, he was curious about “what the security concept should look like”. In any case, not only Barthel thinks: “I would have liked to hear the voices of the players, what they might have worries in the whole procedure.” Niels Giffey puts one of the concerns as follows: “There is a huge potential for injury.”

At the moment, basketball players only train individually. “As a professional athlete, I find it difficult to get to a level that is playable in this short time after the competition break,” explains Akeem Vargas. Danilo Barthel describes his current state of fitness as follows: “If it were a game now, I would probably have to show a change after five minutes and would not know how quickly I can recover.” In view of the scarce preparation, the planned tournament “is a state of emergency for all players”.