Basel: 52-year-old commits a hit-and-run and leaves the police a note

On Monday evening there was a traffic accident in Basel at the Horburgstrasse/Riehenring junction, as the cantonal police announced on Wednesday. A 52-year-old motorist ignored the “no right of way” signal and collided sideways with another vehicle. She ignored the damage and drove away. Despite the hit-and-run, the police were able to immediately issue a search.

The fugitive driver had left the police at the scene of the accident – presumably unknowingly – namely a crucial clue. Your car lost a license plate in the collision. The polluter was stopped a short time later by the Aargau cantonal police on the A3 motorway.

The woman was tested for possible alcohol influence. A breath alcohol test was negative. The Basel-Stadt cantonal police are currently looking for witnesses due to the different statements about the course of events.



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