In Major League Baseball, there was a Corona outbreak just three games after the start of the season. Twelve players and two Miami Marlin coaches are said to have tested positive for the corona virus, according to US media reports. The games planned for this Monday between the Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles and between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees were canceled, as the league organization MLB announced.

Baseball was the first of the four major US sports leagues to resume play alongside basketball (NBA), ice hockey (NHL) and football (NFL) on Friday despite the increasing number of infections in the United States.

Four Marlins players had already tested positive on Sunday. According to US media reports, the team’s test results were known the morning of the game. Various text messages from the team should indicate that, contrary to the league’s protocol, the players consciously decided against quarantine and for the game. Because of this, the game of the Phillies against record champion New York Yankees was canceled by the league.

The Marlins won the game 11-6 despite the four positive Corona cases at the Philadelphia Phillies. Now the number of sufferers has continued to increase. The Marlins initially decided against a return trip to Miami, as the team announced on Twitter on Monday, and underwent another series of tests. Miami players infected with Covid-19 are in quarantine. According to the ESPN, not all of those affected should be symptom-free.

As the only major professional league in North America, the MLB league organization does not set up a “bubble” and lets the games be played without spectators in the normal stadiums of the teams. The players are tested for the corona virus every 48 hours. The league had only agreed on a shortened season in June after weeks of discussions with the players’ union MLBPA. Instead of the originally planned 162 games, 60 will be played.

The cases that occurred after just a few days of play now quickly question the concept of the league of sending their teams across half the country despite the corona pandemic.

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