Baseball – Drake rents a baseball stadium for a date


Canadian singer Drake was spotted in empty Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles having dinner for two.

The Dodgers stadium can hold up to 56,000 people. But on Thursday they were only two and a waiter.

Getty Images via AFP

You might think he didn’t need that to impress. However, Drake went out of his way to be sure to mark the chosen one of his heart. On Thursday, a reporter for the American channel “ABC 7” was in a helicopter which flew over Dodgers Stadium, the lair of the Los Angeles baseball club.

He and the pilot were surprised to see that the stadium was not empty. A table was set, with a waiter next to it, ready to grant the wishes of the two seated guests.

Those who flew over the scene therefore got it into their heads to know who these mysterious hosts were who privatized the Dodgers compound. To their surprise, it was the Canadian singer Drake, accompanied by the model Johanna Edelburg, also known by her pseudonym on Instagram of Johanna Leia.

The two lovebirds had still decided to honor their hosts. Drake was draped in a Dodgers jersey, flocked to “The Boy”, while the one accompanying him had her own name inscribed on the tunic.

A little later, while the history of the meeting was making its way on the Web, the Californian formation communicated on this subject. She said a private event was held Thursday: “Drake made a large donation to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation to make his dinner at Dodgers stadium a reality.”

But to whom did all these honors go?

Johanna Leia is an American model. But she is best known for being the mother of Amari Bailey, a young American basketball prodigy. Until now, he played at Sierra Canyon High School and was coveted by all the most prestigious American universities. He decided on UCLA, a large university in Los Angeles, which hired him and where he will play from next year.

It was perhaps while watching matches at Sierra Canyon High School that the two lovebirds met. They had in any case already been seen together on the edge of the Californian parquet.


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