Bari, the mayor Decaro closes the first 15 streets and squares of the nightlife after the clarification with the government on the dpcm

Immediately after the expected press conference by Conte sul new dpcm, the president of Anci Antonio Decaro (as well as mayor of Bari) had been the first to attack the government for having inserted a rule at the last that assigns local administrators the task of to close streets and squares at risk of gatherings. The controversy was closed with a clarifying phone call with the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese, Decaro is the first mayor of Italy to use the new powers provided for by the provision anti-Covid. In agreement with the ASL and the Provincial Committee for Public Order, has already signed an order of closing of some areas of Bari. Three areas have been identified in as many districts of the city, in Old Town (piazza Mercantile, piazza Ferrarese, via Manfredi, the first stretch of via Venezia up to the Fortino), in the Poggiofranco district (via Pappacena, via Caccuri and the small square between the two streets) and in the area of move in the Madonnella district, the so-called Umbertino (via Cognetti, via Brescia, a piece of via de Niccolò, via Bozzi, largo Giordano Bruno, largo Giannella, piazza Diaz, molo San Nicola).

The order was issued at the end of a long day of controversy. Decaro initially accused the executive of “having kept the Anci in the dark” of a rule that directly impacted on responsibility of the mayors. It was one institutional rudeness, it seemed a way to pass the responsibility onto the mayors ”. Accusations also launched by the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, from that of Florence Dario Nardella and yes Luigi De Magistris in Naples. In the evening, Prime Minister Conte clarified: “We spoke with Decaro and Lamorgese and we already agreed a protocol which will allow the mayors, after hearing the local health authorities, to adopt a proposal for the squares and streets that are more suitable for gatherings. Then in a technical meeting of the Public Order and Safety Committee a solution will be sought for controls and implementation by all competent authorities. It is about experimental measures: we must also build something new ”.

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