Barcelona is going through a very delicate situation with its footballers, who seem to have lost all the discipline that a club like Blaugrana requires. After Arthur’s bomb, which declared itself in rebellion, the other who set off all the alarms and controversy was Arturo vidal.

The Chilean was filmed (unintentionally) on Instagram and was totally drunk at the sight of all his followers. The midfielder showed himself with a totally lost voice and wrote some insults during the live show.

In Barcelona they have not made reference to the subject and await the return of Arturo Vidal to the club to do the coronavirus studies and return to training since in a week, the team plays the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

In the last matches, Arturo Vidal was key for Quique Setin, who gradually returned to give him the title. As expected, all his followers realized the state of the Chilean during the live and so the controversy erupted.

The week of vacations given by Quique Setin end with a negative balance since Arthur did not return and Arturo Vidal was drunk. Chaos in Barcelona.