Barça: Fati-Torres, Xavi calm the game

Barça: Fati-Torres, Xavi calm the game


Par Romain LantheaumeThe 06/03/2023

Sunday, the victory of FC Barcelona against Valencia (1-0) on the occasion of the 24th day of La Liga was tarnished by a small incident. In the 54th minute, Ferran Torres (23, 21 appearances and 2 goals in La Liga this season) and Ansu Fati (20, 22 appearances and 3 goals in La Liga this season) briefly argued to strike a penalty. After refusing to give him the ball, the first named missed his attempt, causing an early penaltygate that the Catalan coach, Xavi, tried to extinguish quickly.

“There is an order, we communicate it to the players and the one who was chosen was Ferran, but it also depends on the feeling of the players. Then there were changes, Kessi arrived and he is also a good shooter, but Ferran was chosen yes. It’s true that if they have a positive feeling and they talk about it, they can change. But there is a list, an order. Still, it’s good that a player wants to shoot, has shown the desire and the ambition”, relativized the technician in front of the media.

As a reminder, Robert Lewandowski, currently injured, is normally the uncontested shooter, followed by Franck Kessi who started on the bench on Sunday and was therefore not at the top of the hierarchy after his entry into play.

VIDEO: penaltygate willow Bara

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