Barbie Vélez spoke excitedly about her new work project away from acting: “I’m learning and I love it”

Barbie Velez She was a guest on “LAM(America TV) and revealed what is the new work project that she is very excited about.

When asked by Ángel de Brito, the actress spoke about her new facet as a radio presenter: “I’m doing radio on Los 40, 105.5 with Mariano Pavón. We are on Sundays having a beautiful time“. Barbie She referred to the novelty that venturing into the radio world implies for her: “It is something that I am learning and that I love. I’m happy“.

Likewise, Velez He assured that he has already closed his participation in a work for the winter season: “I’m going to do theatera dramatic comedy with Esther Goris, Fabio Di Tomaso and Mauro Francisco. Starting in July at the Picadilli, rehearsing to the full and with the direction of Diego Rinaldi“. Although the daughter of Nazarena Vélez could not reveal the name of the piece, because it may change in the next few days, she did tell details of the story: “It’s a dramatic comedy about a mother, it’s like a very functional family with a lot of secrets and lies. It’s hard for me to tell your spoiler“. Similarly, Barbie confessed that there will be “some” nudity in the work

Barbie Vélez’s opinion about The Hotel of the Famous

Brito investigated the reason why Barbie Velez He is not currently in any television project and when asked specifically if he would participate in the El Trece reality show, “El Hotel de los Famosos”, the actress replied: “Lock me up to sleep there, I’m dying. I feel that freedom is priceless… 24/7 seems heavy to me“.

The Hotel of the Famous.

Although Barbie confessed to being a faithful spectator of the program hosted by Pampita and El Chino Leunis: “But I’m a fan of watching it… It’s really entertaining to watch“.

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Barbie Vélez said that she will do a theatrical nude and revealed how Nazarena Vélez took it

Barbie Velez He said that from July he will star in a play that contains a nude. In addition, he gave details of what the moment was like when he told it to Nazarene Velezhis mom.

In a note for “Implacables” (El Nueve), the actress detailed: “Starting in July we will be every Wednesday with a spectacular comedy… He has you trapped all the time.” When Diego Bouvet, the program’s chronicler, asked him if he had dreamed of doing a nude on stage, Barbie replied: “Yes, I dreamed. I’m not saying that I would like it, I’m saying that it’s coming“.

Immediately, Barbie He remembered how he told his mom: “When I read it (the script), the first thing I did was give it to my mom to read, she is a very confidant of mine and I always listen to her when it comes to my work. We already knew Diego (director of the play) a lot and we know how he is working, so we trust him and we know that everything will be respected“. And closed: “We haven’t rehearsed that part yet, so we’ll see.“.


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