Bárbara Rey steps on 'El Hormiguero' after recounting all the details of her romance with King Juan Carlos

Bárbara Rey steps on 'El Hormiguero' after recounting all the details of her romance with King Juan Carlos

Pablo Motos receives Bárbara Rey in ‘El Hormiguero’ after confessing to Risto Mejide about his romance with King Juan Carlos and to present the new docuseries that revolves around his life

‘El Hormiguero’ has launched a week full of female voices. After listening to Edurne and her new single, Pablo Motos (57 years old) and her ants receive Bárbara Rey (73 years old). The vedette, actress and television presenter needs no introduction; However, there are many details of her life that we still do not know. The artist attends the Antena 3 news program to present her new docuseries ‘A Barbarian Life. Bárbara Rey, portrait of a survivor’, which will be available on screens very soon. In it, the artist narrates in the first person the main events of her intense professional and personal life. This story comes to our screens shortly after Barbara opened up about King Juan Carlos and the relationship they had.

Until now, Bárbara Rey had hinted more than told. She said it herself in ‘Traveling with Chester’. In order for the viewer to become aware of who Bárbara Rey has been and is, Risto Mejide (48 years old) and she reviewed some of the events that marked her life. Was sex symbol in the seventies and eighties. She earned the title of queen of the uncover. She married Ángel Cristo, lion tamer. She lived in her own skin her mistreatment. Many wanted to be close to her. She confesses that her list of lovers is long. Among them was a high-ranking State personality, whose name she kept silent for years. “Although the entire country knew it,” he said

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Bárbara Rey
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Bárbara Rey met the monarch in 1977. “It was he who contacted me. He called me to tell me that he was following me, but I was not at home. Then I lived with a friend and it was she who took the message. I was convinced that it was about of a comedian friend, who had many who imitated him very well”, he tells the publicist. The featured received many calls from the monarch until she agreed to stay with him.

The first of those appointments took place in the Zarzuela. That I have never been in the Royal House is a lie, because where I went to the first interview was there. I was also afraid to say no, I who had worked so hard, who had been so successful… Well, I thought I could have a negative influence, “he adds.

“It tore me apart”

It is not easy to face an interview like the one he starred in with Risto Mejide. Her relationship with the monarch was not easy either. “He destroyed me,” says Sofía Cristo’s mother. She confessed that she has recorded two or three conversations with him. “They were recording me in another place and I decided to record it too. Because of things that happened later and his bad behavior,” Bárbara Rey has told very sincerely. “They had recorded us, where we saw each other, in bed, conversations… Everything. And a bad friend advised me to record it. I don’t have conversations about him for years, far from it, I have two or three recordings of a same month and I have not used them. They entered and robbed me and they are out there and other people are using them, I don’t. I know they have them because they entered my house and stole everything,” he added.

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Barbara Rey ended the relationship when she began with Ángel Cristo, father of her two children. However, after their separation, they resumed contact. “He behaved very badly. He and his environment hurt me enormously on a professional level. They vetoed me, I had to support my children and get them ahead and he did not do the least,” she says. We will have to wait a little longer to see if ‘A Barbarian Life. Bárbara Rey, portrait of a survivor’ reveals some more information.



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