Bárbara de Regil falls in love from Nayarit with a tiny blue swimsuit that highlights her stylized figure

The protagonist of Rosario Tijeras is one of the most popular actresses on television and in social networks, a medium where she shares beautiful outfits that highlight her attributes. This time she fell in love from Nayarit with a tiny blue swimsuit that highlighted her stylized figure.

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Bárbara de Regil is one of the most beautiful actresses of the show, which has participated in different productions, but without a doubt the one who made her jump to fame was Rosario Tijeras, although she also stands out for her daily publications on social networks.

Where he shares from exercise routines and healthy dishes, to outfits that highlight his attributes. On this occasion he published a photograph posing at the seashore, so she fell in love from Nayarit with a tiny blue swimsuit that highlights her stylized figure.

And we know that Bárbara de Regil is a lover and disciplined when it comes to taking care of herself and she shows it with that flat and marked stomach legs. The actress accompanied this photograph with some emotional words for the year that is about to end.

“I wish that in 2022 everything you gave to others will be returned to you multiplied…. If that gives you peace. congratulations. If not, you have a lot to change and if you can ”, a beautiful message, which his followers commented with many compliments, hearts and good wishes.

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Through various stories on networks, she has also shared how well she is having in the company of her husband Fernando Schoenwald, where you can see a beautiful romantic dinner that they are enjoying by the sea and to the rhythm of the saxophone.

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How good that the scandals that arose because of an audio where this couple was fighting, have been forgotten, since it seems that nothing had happened between this pair of tortolos, the truth is that they always reflect that they have a beautiful relationship.

For now we are anxious to see the outfits that he will wear to receive the year, since if on normal days he throws the house out the window, we do not imagine in this full of desires and goals to be fulfilled during 12 months and 365 days, we expect many surprises.

For now we will continue to look out for new outfits that you share through social networks, as well as how your fabulous holidays are flowing in Nayarit, a paradise full of tranquility, and what better than next to the sea, the sun and the sand.




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