“I can’t say we took any risk. We didn’t go to the hospital and didn’t have to go to the doctor,” Barbara adds Heart of the Netherlands. “I could also walk down the street tomorrow and be killed by a car. There is also that opportunity.”


And all for a QR code, which Barbara’s son can use to play tennis indoors without any problems. “You can’t go to the toilet without a QR code, you can’t drink anything anymore. You really can’t do anything anymore.” When asked if she does not regret the intentional infection, the mother answers: “No, because I know that I am now protected. And that is the most important thing, that you are protected against the virus.”

Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health previously spoke strongly about the phenomenon that people deliberately organize ‘contamination parties’ to get corona. “It leads to enormous health damage. And while we are trying to get this crisis under control with thousands of people on the front line, there are apparently a number of people who are intent on starting these kinds of initiatives. It really is totally idiotic.”

* Barbara’s name has been changed.

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