Banana Tincture for Peppers: After this boost, your harvest will be staggering

Banana Tincture for Peppers: After this boost, your harvest will be staggering

So that the peppers are strong and covered with fruits, feed them with an “exotic” banana infusion based on the skins, the recipe for which is prepared by the authors Telegram channel “My dacha. Garden and vegetable garden”.

Before removing the skin, bananas should be thoroughly washed with hot water. Remove the skin from the fruit and fill about half of a 3-liter jar with it, cover with water and let it infuse for 2 days.

The solution should acquire a dark color.

Dilute the resulting amount of liquid in a bucket of water and water your peppers with the solution. You can also water the tomatoes.

What else can you feed peppers in the summer, tells TG-channel “Ideas for summer cottage and house”.

In particular, you can feed plants with ash water, which is prepared by dissolving 1 cup of ash in a bucket of water. This leads to an increase in ovaries and flowers.

At the initial stage of plant growth, it is advisable to fertilize them with yeast feeding by diluting 100 g of yeast in 5 liters of water, adding a little sugar and leaving it for 2-3 days under the sun’s rays. Dilute with water and water each bush with a liter of this fertilizer.

And to strengthen the immunity of plants, you can feed them with iodine 2-3 times, dissolving only 1 drop of iodine in a container with three liters of water. However, it is not worth giving more than one liter of such top dressing to the bush, and after processing it should be watered with clean water.

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Read also how to properly feed peppers in the garden with fish meal and a weekly infusion of nettles.


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