No visits to hospitals.
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With immediate effect, due to the currently strong increase in the number of Corona patients, visits are prohibited in all Vorarlberg hospitals.

To protect patients and employees, no visits are permitted until further notice.

However, the Austria-wide regulation provides that there is an exception for all those patients who are admitted to the hospital for more than a week:
In these cases, one visitor per patient per week is allowed. The 2Gplus rule applies (vaccinated + PCR test. Or: recovery + PCR test. The PCR test must not be older than 72 hours.)

The following also have access:
** Two people per day to accompany or visit underage patients, the 2Gplus rule applies to them
** A maximum of two people per day to accompany patients in need of support
** A maximum of one person to accompany you during pregnancy examinations as well as during and after childbirth
** Visits as part of palliative and hospice support, pastoral care and support in critical life events.

During the stay in the hospital, accompanying persons and visitors from the age of 14 must always wear an FFP2 mask (also in the hospital rooms) and hygienic hand disinfection must be carried out before entering the department. Children aged 6 and over must wear an MNS at all times.

Please continue to visit the hospital outpatient departments only:
**in case of emergancy
** with a referral and confirmation of medical urgency from a resident doctor: in
** if you have been contacted by the hospital and an appointment has been made.

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Protect the sick – please refrain from visiting
The protection of patients and employees remains the top priority in the Vorarlberg regional hospitals. The hospital officials therefore appeal to the population to refrain from visits if possible.

Source: Vorarlberger Krankenhaus-Betriebsges.mbH / Marosi-Kuster


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