Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 08:09

The next edition of the Couples Championship, the 2021 edition, will not be oblivious to these changes, the start of which will possibly take until the weekend before Christmas, which will run from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 December. The current edition, stopped in March by Covid-19, spanned twenty weeks. Repeating system would lead to the final dispute on May 2 of next year. Sources of the companies indicate that “it would be convenient to reduce its duration to have enough time for the Manomanista dispute in 2021.” The most feasible measure from that point of view would be to sacrifice the intermediate play-off between the first and the second phase between the couples classified from third to sixth place, as well as the week of rest before the final. It seems more difficult to sacrifice the semi-final group for direct playoffs. The objective would be to win two or three weeks and finish that Couples by April 11 or 18, with margin to conclude the Manomanista on May 30, go on vacation the players in early June and resume with the San Fermín Tournament on the fourth and half a normal 2021 summer.