SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The German Alexander Schulz had planned to make a crossing on a strap only 2.5 cm wide over a volcano in the South Pacific. Nothing went as planned.


Alexander Schulz above the Yasur volcano.
Alexander Schulz above the Yasur volcano. One Inch Dreams

Par Melanie Haack (The world)

In the middle of the night, in the middle of the jungle, Alexander Schulz sees a light in the distance which causes in him a mixture of fascination and fear. For him, it symbolizes above all his lifelong dream, now within reach. Indeed, this glow is quite simply the destination of his trip.

It comes from the crater of the Yasur volcano, at the foot of which is nestled a small village where he has established his quarters in the South Pacific. For days already. Weeks. Longer than he expected. “The closer you get to the volcano, the more its thunder-like roar is heard. Sometimes you feel slight earthquakes ”, describes Alexander Schulz. The Yasur is very present. If only by the ashes with which it covers the volcanic island. “What a pure, overwhelming sensation when we come closer to him. You can only be amazed. With each explosion, your gaze turns to him. It’s a

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