Bakers warn of increases in raw materials and the kilo of bread will reach 180 pesos

The Association of Industrial Bakers of Rosario reported that next week there will be a new increase in bread. As explained, the rise will be around 6% and is related to the rise in the raw material used for production.

“We have been analyzing the costs that occurred in all the items and we have to touch the price of bread and bills. But We do it very cautious because the supply of cheap and clandestine bread is increasing in the city”, He assured in Every day (El Tres) Jorge Vitantonio, a benchmark in the sector.

With this new increase, the price of French bread will reach 180 pesos and that of the invoices will also increase according to the quality of the product. “Throughout the year bread increased only 28%, which is outrageous, but we are used to excessive increases in the products of the family basket,” he added.

“We are making the necessary efforts so that the bread does not go off in an exorbitant way. We have to reach our customers every day with quality and reasonable prices ”, he concluded.



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