Bahçeli Declares Constitutional Court as ‘Terrorist Supporter’

  • According to Article 14 of the Constitution; None of the rights and freedoms contained in the Constitution can be used in the form of activities aimed at disrupting the indivisible integrity of the state with its territory and nation and abolishing the democratic and secular Republic based on human rights.

  • The abuse of the right is unfair, to justify and clear this injustice is to mean the principles of justice, to slander the universal rules of law. In addition, open the 17th article of the European Convention on Human Rights and this is exactly what you will see and see.

  • Right is the dignity of man and humanity. The violation of this honor, the shadowing of this honor is also the most serious evil that can be done to human beings. If right and injustice are replaced, that is, if the right is treated as unjust and the unjust is treated as just, the foundations of the world will be shaken.

  • In particular, I must underline that there is no right to make propaganda for a terrorist organization, its rightful side cannot be mentioned. Attempting to defend terrorist organizations that are hostile to people’s property, life and existence, even in a thoughtful plan, is a willful participation in the crimes committed.

  • The duty of all judicial institutions is to protect the right and law against every authority and position, and to keep them under security on behalf of the nation without any imposition or suggestion. The separatist has no right, the terrorist has no right, the betrayal has no right. My word is to the Constitutional Court.

  • Right is a very broad value. To see only one side of this value is to see nothing. The decision of the Constitutional Court to violate the rights of HDP’s Gergerlioğlu is not respect and respect for the rights of the people, but covert support to terrorism.

  • Gergerlioğlu, who lost his deputyship after the verdict of conviction was read in the Gazi Parliament on March 17, 2021, followed by Sincan No. 2 on April 2, 2021. He was put in the F Type High Security Penitentiary Institution.

  • The Constitutional Court, which stepped in soon after, ruled that this separatist’s “right to be elected, to engage in political activity, and to freedom of expression was violated, and that this questionable person was paid 30 thousand liras for non-pecuniary damages.” So it was a complete injustice.

  • Our view on the Constitutional Court has not changed. It is the only desire and expectation of the nation’s conscience to restructure this court with a new and civil constitution. This caravan cannot go like this, this cycle cannot go on like this.

  • Does the Constitutional Court see great Kurdistan as a right? If PKK terrorists gather and apply, will they also be under the umbrella of violation of rights? Then why is it necessary to discuss and decide on the immunity files pending in the Joint Commission?

  • HDP’s Gergerlioğlu returned to his position as a member of parliament after the decision about him was read in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey today and took his seat in the General Assembly. But it was the rights and the law that were ignored. Indeed, a deeply painful process has bled the communal conscience. Those who do should be ashamed.

  • Those who enthusiastically applauded Gergerlioğlu, who asked “where were we?” as soon as he got out of prison, were scoundrels from the PKK and FETO. The place where he stayed was the place of malice, the lair of disgrace, the abode of darkness. From now on, the way to continue from there was opened by the Constitutional Court.

  • Something that is opened is closed when the time comes. This account will certainly be asked to its interlocutors one day. The right is not lost or wasted, even if it is delayed, the delivery of the right will eventually find its way and place. My advice to the President of the Constitutional Court is to keep my words in mind.

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