As of Monday, the time has come: In Switzerland, access to indoor areas of (hotel) bars and restaurants as well as leisure, sport and entertainment facilities such as theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, museums and zoos is only possible with a Covid certificate. One of the three Gs is required for the certificate – Tested, Vaccinated or Recovered. This decision by the Federal Council on Wednesday caused quite a stir. The director of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), Anne Lévy, defended the extension of the certificate requirement in the Saturday broadcast of Radio SRF.

A certificate is required depending on the number of cases

The vaccinated have had enough of the corona measures, says Lévy. Because they would have done their part to make the pandemic pass. These vaccinated people were largely in favor of the certificate requirement. But the critical voices are loud and very present, confirms the BAG director. In addition, from October 1, the corona tests are no longer free in many cases – that too has caused criticism.

When the case numbers are down, the certificate requirement will of course be lifted again.

Anne Lévy describes that in countries where many people have been vaccinated, the number of cases is also falling. It also relates to the situation in Switzerland if the unvaccinated people were to be vaccinated: “If the number of cases is down, the certificate requirement will of course be lifted again.”

No hidden compulsory vaccination

The BAG director contradicts a “hidden compulsory vaccination” by expanding the certificate requirement and says: “For us it was important from the start that everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not.” But you have to pay attention: if you get vaccinated, you protect yourself and of course the environment. Those who don’t get vaccinated will get sick sooner or later.

For us it was important from the beginning that everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

Lévy also justifies the chargeable corona tests from October 1. You have to see that so far the federal government has paid for the tests with taxpayers’ money. The question arises as to whether this is still justified in paying people who could be vaccinated to have a test on a regular basis. Therefore, the Federal Council decided that it was no longer proportionate to pay these people the tests.

2G rule is not an issue

The 2G rule as an alternative, as it is being discussed in Austria or some federal states in Germany, is currently not an issue in the BAG. Lévy hopes that the pandemic can be contained with the new certificate regulation. But it is said that there is a certain risk because the tests are not 100 percent reliable. “We really hope it will work that way,” says Lévy.

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