Badr Bannon embarrasses the artist, Ramez Jalal, and causes the failure of the (Ramez Movie Star) prank… You will not believe what he did and shocked everyone!

Al-Ahly club defender Badr Banoon was a guest with the artist Ramiz Jalal on the famous pranks program “Ramez Movie Star”, which is filming in Riyadh with the participation of the international star Van Dam.

Al-Ahly’s defender was able to lead Ramez Jalal to failure for the first time since the start of the program, as he surprised him with an unexpected reaction while facing the most difficult stages of the “Ramez Movie Star” prank program broadcast on MBC Egypt.

Badr Bannon dealt very calmly with the situation when the program’s vehicle stopped at the edge of the suspension bridge over the lake, and all attempts by the artist Ramiz Jalal to pressure his nerves, whether by using the snake, or after the crocodile appeared in the lake, did not succeed. Another reaction, such as screaming or distress, comes from him.

The idea of ​​this year’s “Ramez Movie Star” program revolves around persuading the guest or guest to participate in an action movie, and the international star Jean-Claude Van Dam plays the role of the hero who faces the attack of the lake residents with them, and in the case of hosting a sports celebrity, he is lured to participate in an advertisement for a large product.

The guests are then subjected to being chased by the residents of the lake by motorbikes and cars, and by many explosions and difficult situations during the escape by the cart. They are also frightened by Ramez Jalal, who secretly replaces Van Dam with a snake, and in the end the cart stops on the edge of a metal bridge suspended over a lake with a fearful crocodile.



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