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No air traffic disruption was recorded at Oujda-Angad airport and no flight was cancelled, despite the torrential rains that fell overnight from Saturday to Sunday on the city ​​of Oujda, underlined the National Office of Airports (ONDA).

“Following the heavy rains which fell, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, on the Oriental region, in particular the city of Oujda and its surroundings, thus causing floods and floods, the airport of Oujda and its airport facilities were submerged in water,” the Agency said in a statement on Monday, noting that no disruption to air traffic was recorded, all flights were able to land, and no flights were canceled due to the availability of two runways at the airport, with the exception of some delays experienced by some flights departing during the early hours of Sunday.

“The officials preferred not to take the decision to close the air platform so as not to harm the interests of the Moroccan community concerning the dates of resumption of work and the start of school for their children”, insisted on specifying the same source. .

According to the ONDA, the intervention of the agents of the Office and the service providers under its jurisdiction, as well as the support of the elements of the civil protection, the local authorities, the services of the region and the municipality of Oujda, made it possible, in the early hours of Sunday, to drain the waters of the airport platform and its impacted installations.

It should be noted that torrential rains caused flooding and flooding in the tributaries adjoining the Oujda-Angad airport, which led to the interruption of the roads connecting the airport to the cities of Oujda and Beni Drar, adds the statement, stating that a number of homes located in areas adjacent to the airport and a large supermarket were also affected.

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