The launch of Battlefield 2042 was far from ideal. During the preview, the franchise raised expectations that were later very difficult to achieve and that resulted in a great dissatisfaction on the part of the players., who felt that they were facing a title that still needs a lot of work to consider that a final version has been reached.

The number of errors with which the game reached the audience was alarming. As explained in the review that was made in Infobae Latin Power, these errors and performance problems were even more noticeable in the PC version, which could be observed even in the best devices.

This performance had a direct impact on a very specific piece of information: the reviews that users make on Steam after purchasing the game. At this time, of the total of more than 34 thousand reviews, only 26% are positive regarding the experience proposed by the title. With that outlook, it is already among the 10 worst ranked games on the platform.

Reviews question the optimization of Battlefield 2042 and many mark their disappointment with the game that was eventually released. In addition, a large number of users highlight that they are fans of the franchise and that compared to previous installments, this new proposal is far from what they knew how to find at other times.

On the same day of its release, the title had a patch that sought to correct many of the errors that had already been detected during the early access week. The first update aimed to solve the most diverse problems, which were the ones that generated the negative reaction of all those who had played it in the first instance.

The update 0.2.1 incorporated improvements to the server to reduce hitches at the end of rounds. They also tried to reduce image instability when playing in Rupture, although they clarified that they are investigating similar situations that occurred on other maps, as reported by the players. A bug that caused the correct name of the allies to not be displayed, among other issues, was also fixed.

Aware of the large number of errors that still persist, DICE wants to show that they listened to their players and prepare more news. “In the coming weeks, we will share more details about future arrangements, balance changes, and quality of life improvements. Over the next 30 days, we plan to release two more updates. The first one will include more fixes and improvements to issues that we have identified during this first week of Early Access. Then we will launch another update, larger and more relevant ”, they explained through the text that accounts for the first patch.

Although it is not the first launch with problems – nor the first title of the franchise that with time and corrections reaches its best version – Battlefield 2042 was in the middle of a storm that makes everything seem to have a greater gravity. In the last year, a series of very relevant games reached the players in a state that is far from what any consumer would expect to find when he decides to bet on a game.

It is very likely that with its successive updates, Battlefield 2042 will reach the standards of its fans and new players, but it will also coincide with the vision that its own creators initially had. Perhaps this way he will be able to reverse the criticism that for now decided not to accompany him.


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